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Preschool for 3-5 year olds

Christ-Centered Atmosphere
We nurture children’s faith in Jesus as their personal Savior and encourage them to grow in God’s love, to speak to God in prayer in every situation, and to live a Christian life with the Holy Spirit’s help.

Commitment to Excellence
Our director, Hollie Judd, is committed to educational excellence, provided in a safe, loving, and God-pleasing setting that adheres to the Holy Scriptures. She and her staff strive to know each child individually and to see them as Christ sees them. This environment promotes the child’s ability to do their best. As the children succeed in this loving environment, they learn to cheer for others to succeed as well. God’s love is passed from the teachers to the student and from one student to another.

Academic Readiness
Our goal is that when children attend In His Hands, they are excited to learn. They feel good about themselves, who they are, and their capabilities. They mature in a nurturing, caring, preschool environment so that when they enter kindergarten they are ready to enhance their comprehension skills, problem solve, cooperate with others, and build on the skills they have learned.

At In His Hands, your child will be guided to:

  • Develop and expand literacy, math, science, and art concepts.
  • Work, play, and share with others.
  • Become aware of and have an interest in the world around him/her.
  • Develop a sense of pride in accomplishments.
  • Learn responsibility by completing work and putting materials away.
  • Problem solve and be self-reliant.
  • Improve large and fine motor skills.

Afternoon Child Care for
Preschool for 3-5 year olds

Loving Child Care
St. Paul’s is committed to providing busy parents of preschoolers with a loving, Christian environment to meet their child care needs. By providing child care in the same location as our outstanding preschool program, we have eliminated the transportation worries often associated with preschool. Our parents can be assured that their child will transition smoothly from preschool to child care with no anxiety.

"In His Hands" Preschool & Child Care